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We help people who:womanwithhat

  • are isolated and lonely, with limited ability to leave the house and socialise
  • are living in poverty and unable to afford a TV or radio themselves

Our beneficiaries live all over the UK and are very diverse. Old age, disability, or chronic physical or mental illness are factors in a lot of the isolation we see.

To qualify for WaveLength’s help, beneficiaries must be referred to us by a third party, known as a referee. This is to prevent fraudulent claims and check people really are vulnerable.

Referees can’t be related to or employed by the beneficiary, but could be:

  • a reliable, well-organised friend
  • a social worker
  • a care worker or medical worker
  • a housing officer
  • a charity worker or volunteer
  • a member of a religious or community organisation

If you’re not sure whether you quality, as a beneficiary or a referee, just ask! Our Freephone number is 0800 0182137 and our email address is

We work with national manufacturers to deliver equipment discreetly all across the UK and Channel Islands.

It’s important to note that we don’t usually pay TV licence fees. If a beneficiary can’t afford this, it may be best to ask for a radio instead. In exceptional cases, however, we may pay for licences for people with very limited incomes and severe inability to leave their homes.

If you’d like to refer somebody to WaveLength, please fill in our Application Form and Guidance Notes and send them to:

WaveLength Charity Ltd
159a High Street
Essex RM11 3YB

We’ll aim to reply within ten working days. You can also email us with completed applications, along with scanned copies of all the necessary supporting documents. Please note that all completed applications must include original signatures from both the beneficiary and the referee.

Organisation Enquiries

WaveLength also partners with organisations that help isolated people living in poverty. We can boost these organisations’ work with free TVs and radios for clients.

Recently we’ve helped:

  • Women’s Aid refuges across the country
  • St Mungo’s homelessness hostels
  • Helen Bamber Foundation, which helps refugees
  • Liverpool’s eco-friendly Belvidere homelessness hostel
  • Storybook Dads, which helps prisoners record bedtime stories for their children
  • Freedom From Torture, which helps torture victims

and more…

We’re also investigating projects using newer media technology, such as tablet computers. We’re flexible and love to talk to organisations about the best way they could use media technologies.

If you’re an organisation that would like to work with us, please give Deirdre, our Project Manager, a call on 0800 0182137 (Freephone)/ 01708 621101.

We like to form relationships with organisations, and to know how our equipment is helping. It’s great to see letters and photos, and to be able to visit centres that are using our TVs and radios. Please indicate what feedback you’d be able to give us on the application form.

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